Jeans investigations

I continued my clay work looking into materials. In my investigation I decided to put my clay through the press with a pair of jeans, I did this to achieve the impressions and stresses in the jean material on the clay slab. I then formed the clay to stand upright to achieve the look of a leg, in attempt of creating a realistic form. Highlighting the stresses in the jeans links to my work title “Human Condition within living cities” in the sense that the wrinkles and creases can reflect someones life experiences and emotions throughout, essentially their human condition through clothing choices and wear. It is commonly known that a good pair of jeans can last you a lifetime and can hold strong memories, which I find beautiful and wanted to capture through art form.

During my jeans investigations I was testing the press and pressures necessary to achieve a good and strong result without the metal buttons and zips breaking the press or pushing through the clay. I took my cut-offs which were too weak to stand and to remain whole in the kiln and made a clay collage. This still held the same meanings behind my idea, that our clothing can tell a story. In this case its the thought that life isn’t whole and straightforward, it isn’t perfect, but a mismatch of phases and emotions, paths lead and roads travelled, life has holes in it, loss and lack of faith but it still goes on and can be beautiful.